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set vrange2

set vrange2 v1 v2

When drawing a 2-D scatter plot using graphics output type gxout scatter, this command specifies the range of values for the scale on the Y axis (from v1 to v2). 

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set vrange

set vrange v1 v2

When drawing a 1-D plot, this command specifies the range of the values for the scale on the Y-axis (from v1 to v2).

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set vpage

set vpage xmin xmax ymin ymax

This command defines a "virtual page" that fits within the specified limits of the real page. All graphics output will be drawn into this "virtual page" until another set vpage command is entered. A clear command clears the physical page (and any virtual pages drawn on it). 

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virtual page

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Page Control in grads

Real and virtual pages

The "real" page is an 8.5x11 page in the landscape or portrait orientation. The orientation is specified when you first startup grads. The graphics output window is a representation of the real page on your computer screen. The graphics window can be any size at all. You can set the dimensions explicitly (in pixel coordinates) using the set xsize command, or you can simply resize the graphics window using your mouse. When it comes time to print the contents of the graphics window to a real page, the screen coordinates (in pixels) will be scaled so the graphics will fit in the real page in the same way they fit in the graphics window. 

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This function performs a mass-weighted vertical integral in mb pressure coordinates. The three arguments to vint are:   

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